Andromeda Raheem is a Certified Master Life Coach, 2x published author, motivational speaker, and the founder of She Wins Society.  Andromeda has dedicated her life to empowering women to shift into a winning mindset, prioritize self-care, cultivate meaningful connections, and invest in their personal development to achieve the highest level of success in their lives and careers.  Her thought-provoking and life-transforming messages shared on social media have attracted a following of over 100,000 women worldwide.

As Andromeda wholeheartedly believes in the power of community, she continuously creates spaces and opportunities for women to grow and win together.  Her mantra is “When women support women, we all win”.  Andromeda has been featured in/on multiple reputable media platforms, such as AfroTv’s The Sisaundra Show and TheLowdown with James Yon, The Huffington Post, Sheen Magazine, Rolling Out, and the Redefining Wealth Podcast. Andromeda’s ultimate life goal is to fulfill her divine purpose and leave an inspiring legacy that will positively impact current and future generations of women and their families.

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