DJ Esmuve



My name is Edward Franklin,  Edward Anthony-Sean Franklin to be exact.  I was born and raised in Syracuse New York from a family with Strong musical roots.  My family was big in entertainment, film play write.  My mom is a beautiful gospel singer and she is really where I got my musical ear from.  I got my musical roots not only from my mom but from the city of Detroit.  I didn’t get to Detroit until late in my years but as soon as I step foot in that city she just embraced me with love.  I’ve been a DJ for over 35 years every since I was 15 years old to be exact.  I remember having a few parties where I had to rent equipment and DJing was fresh on the scene.  I ended up coming out with 50 bucks in my pocket after paying for the rental of DJ equipment.  I did wedding receptions and birthday parties you name it.  When I move to Detroit house music just took over my life.  I fell in love with her and she fell in love with me and to this day we still mango. When I moved to Atlanta I decided to go to school for my audio engineering degree.  I went to the Art Institute of Atlanta to get an audio engineering degree and ended up falling in love with being a videographer, and voice actor.  In 2015 I graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with an audio engineering degree.  I did voiceover work for Elizabeth Baptist Church, McDonald’s, IBM, Lincoln, Captain Jack’s, Audi, and This is it BBQ and seafood just to name a few.  I’ve produced several commercials for this Is It barbecue and seafood, Atlanta west dentistry, and more.  I’ve produced films for Molding hearts productions, Esmuve Entertainment LLC. Chef Jaaion Barnes and much more.  I am that type of man that loves to have fun and be funny, just to see everybody with a smile on their face.  Comedy is my next venture and I got a lot to say cause sometimes, people make me sick so I have to say something funny.  Yamm It!!!!!!!!!!