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Cole’s latest mixtape, “Might Delete Later,” has stirred up significant buzz in the hip-hop community, particularly with the track “Crocodile Tearz,” which fans speculate contains veiled criticisms aimed at Future. In a clever use of wordplay involving planets and stars, Cole appears to reference Future, subtly engaging in the ongoing rap discourse.

     The line in question, set against a backdrop of potent trap beats, positions Cole as the singular, definitive G.O.A.T, distancing himself from those he suggests are on a decline, symbolized by the diminishing status of Pluto. The mention of “Pluto” not only fits Cole’s celestial analogy but also nods to Future’s well-known alias, sparking speculation of a deeper critique.

     This lyrical move comes amid a growing divide within the hip-hop sphere, marked by the release of Future and Metro Boomin’s album “We Don’t Trust You.” The project has seemingly catalyzed a split, with artists like Drake and J. Cole on one side, and Future, Metro Boomin, Kendrick Lamar, and Rick Ross on the other.

     The tension was further fueled by Kendrick Lamar’s bold verse on “Like That,” targeting Drake and Cole, which also implied a rift with Future. Cole’s response, notably on the track “7 Minute Drill” from the same mixtape, echoes Jay-Z’s iconic “Takeover” diss, directly engaging with Kendrick’s provocations.

     Rick Ross’s actions, includingunfollowing Drake on social media and publicly aligning with Kendrick’s diss track, suggest a shifting allegiance, despite his previous collaborations with Drake.

   As the hip-hop community watches closely, the responses from Future and Kendrick to Cole’s latest lyrical maneuver remain highly anticipated. Meanwhile, Drake has already begun to subtly address the growing tensions within the genre.

Written by: Niya Nicole

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