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North West Announce Debut Album ‘Elementary School Dropout’

     North West, the eldest offspring of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, has notably inherited her father's vibrant personality and creative aspirations. Seen frequently on television and social media, fans often remark on her striking resemblance to her dad, not just in appearance but in spirit and ambition. Over recent years, North has expressed a desire to explore various creative fields, including rapping, fashion designing, and even professional basketball, […]

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Flo Milli “Never Lose Me” Remix with Sza & Cardi B

     Flo Milli revealed on Thursday (March 14) that R&B singer SZA and rapper Cardi B will make appearances on a new remix of her recent hit, "Never Lose Me." This announcement comes just a day before the launch of her second studio album, "Fine Ho, Stay." Flo and SZA have been hinting at their collaboration on the "Never Lose Me" remix since January. The addition of Cardi B […]

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Cardi B Drops New Single ‘Like What’

      Cardi B has unveiled her inaugural track of the year titled “Like What (Freestyle),” which incorporates a sample from Missy Elliott’s 1999 hit “She’s a Bitch” off her album "Da Real World." The release is also paired with a music video, creatively overseen by Cardi’s estranged husband Offset.This track continues Cardi B's trend of impactful releases, following her history of success in the music industry.     […]

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Nicki Minaj The First Female Rapper To Hit 1 Billion Streams In 2024

     Nicki Minaj has achieved a groundbreaking milestone as the first female rapper in 2024 to amass one billion streams on Spotify, further cementing her status in the music industry with the largest debut by a female rapper and the highest ticket sales for her forthcoming Pink Friday 2 world tour. This news was shared by the Juice Pop Twitter account on Wednesday, February 28.       In December […]

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Two Men Found Guilty for 2002 Killing of Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jay

             Getty/PIX11News      Over two decades following the passing of Jam Master Jay, a key member of the iconic hip-hop group Run-DMC, a jury has rendered a guilty verdict against two individuals for his murder.This verdict marks the end of a mystery that puzzled authorities and deeply affected the rap community for over two decades.      The verdict against Ronald Washington and Karl […]

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City Girls New Album Released “Raw”

           It's been a three-year wait since City Girls dropped their last album, and their previous release faced unexpected challenges. In June 2020, their second album “City on Lock” was unfortunately leaked in full before even its official announcement. This situation forced the duo to hurriedly launch the album. Now, with the release of “RAW”, their third studio project, JT and Yung Miami ensured everything went […]

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D Boone “Blue Hues Red Noise” Music Review

         Listening to the album “Blue Hues Red Noise” by D Boone was like navigating an emotional rollercoaster. It delved into the complexities of being in a relationship, the yearning for independence, the drive for success, and the challenging journey of overcoming dark moments in life.      In an interview with Danny Kareem, he shared that music serves as his form of solace, allowing him to […]

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Aiyana-Lee “My Idols Lied to Me” Music Review

     Aiyana-Lee's song "My Idols Lied to Me" is an expressive piece that reflects her contemporary take on classic soul and R&B. This track likely embodies the emotionally charged vocal style that Aiyana-Lee is known for, as seen in her other works. Her music often reveals a deep personal touch and a keen ear for the soulful and rhythmic nuances of R&B.      In terms of her musical […]

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Adrian Javon “Giving Me Up” Music Review

     Adrian Javon's latest track, "Giving Me Up,"  strikes a chord within listeners in a seamless blend of smooth, alternative jazz, setting a distinct mood with its rhythmic beats and lyrics. The song navigates the recurring theme of perpetual love and the quest for the one true connection.Javon's journey through the highs and lows of love, where potential partners seem perfect until their true nature unveils, mirrors a theme […]

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