North West Announce Debut Album ‘Elementary School Dropout’

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     North West, the eldest offspring of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, has notably inherited her father’s vibrant personality and creative aspirations. Seen frequently on television and social media, fans often remark on her striking resemblance to her dad, not just in appearance but in spirit and ambition. Over recent years, North has expressed a desire to explore various creative fields, including rapping, fashion designing, and even professional basketball, showcasing a versatile drive reminiscent of her father’s.

     Recently, North West made a noteworthy appearance on the song “Talking” from Vultures 1, delivering a verse that captivated listeners. Following this, Kanye West has included her in several listening parties for the Vultures, hinting at her growing involvement in music. At one of these events last night, North made an exciting announcement about her plans to release a debut album titled “Elementary School Dropout,” a playful nod to her father’s iconic “The College Dropout.”

     This announcement has stirred a wave of anticipation and nostalgia among fans, especially with “The College Dropout” nearing its 20th anniversary. While the release date for “Elementary School Dropout” remains under wraps, the project’s name alone has sparked curiosity and excitement. It remains to be seen how North’s venture into music will unfold, but if she mirrors her father’s path, the journey might be as unpredictable as it is thrilling.

   What are your thoughts on North West’s upcoming debut album? Are you looking forward to “Elementary School Dropout”? Share your expectations and stay tuned for the latest updates and news from the music world, ensuring you’re always in the loop on your favorite artists and their new releases.

Written by: Niya Nicole

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