Premier Screening Lifetime’s Film ‘Single Black Female 2’

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     Amber Riley’s character, Simone, makes a dramatic return, signaling a storm for her adversaries.

     In the last moments we witnessed from Lifetime’s successful 2022 film, Single Black Female, Simone was left in a dire state within a blazing inferno, suffering from a stab wound delivered by her half-sister and target, Monica (Raven Goodwin). However, I had secured an exclusive sneak peek of the sequel, Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge, unveiling a startling twist — Simone has miraculously survived and is now… cloaked in a nun’s habit?

     The screening of Lifetime’s sequel, “Single Black Women 2,” took place at the Regal Theatre in Atlantic Station Mall. The film’s stars, including actresses Amber Riley, Raven Goodwin, and singer K. Michelle, graced the event for an exclusive preview ahead of its broadcast on March 2nd at 8pm ET on Lifetime.

      The cast and attendees walked the red carpet, engaging in interviews and photo sessions before entering the theater to watch the film. Guests were treated to complimentary popcorn and drinks to enjoy during the movie’s gripping, humorous, and astonishing moments — definitely a film worth rewatching. After the screening, the lead actors responded to questions from Radio Personality Jazzy McBee, later extending the Q&A to the audience. I seized the opportunity to ask, “What motivates them to show up for theirselves?” K. Michelle shared inspiring words about staying true to God’s purpose as her driving force. For her complete answer and more highlights and interviews, check out my YouTube channel, Ms.NiyaNicole, for a full recap.

     K. Michelle shared her struggles with self-doubt about being taken seriously in her role in this film. However, the audience responded with encouragement, expressing their admiration for her character and praising her outstanding performance.

     Per synopsis: “Three years after narrowly escaping the murderous clutches of her half-sister Simone (Amber Riley), Monica (Raven Goodwin) is ready for a fresh start in Seattle as the host of the city’s #1 primetime investigative television program. With her best friend Bebe (K. Michelle) by her side and a new love interest, things are looking up for Monica. Secretly nursed back to health and suffering from amnesia, Simone is building a new life when she comes across Monica on TV and her memories come rushing back, leading to a fateful reunion between the sisters. Can the two put the past behind them? Or will Simone’s need to get revenge win the day?”

     Sa’Rah Jones and Tessa Scott, both Black women, penned the screenplay and selected five Black actresses for the lead roles in the movie.Providing a new perspective on the inclusion of Black women in various roles across the film industry.

Written by: Niya Nicole

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