Aiyana-Lee “My Idols Lied to Me” Music Review

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     Aiyana-Lee’s song “My Idols Lied to Me” is an expressive piece that reflects her contemporary take on classic soul and R&B. This track likely embodies the emotionally charged vocal style that Aiyana-Lee is known for, as seen in her other works. Her music often reveals a deep personal touch and a keen ear for the soulful and rhythmic nuances of R&B.

     In terms of her musical journey, Aiyana-Lee has been influenced greatly by her mother, a 17x platinum songwriter, which has ingrained a deep appreciation and understanding of music in her. She started singing at a very young age and has honed her skills over the years, resulting in a vocal style that’s both athletic and refreshing to listeners This familial influence is evident in her EP “WEDNESDAY’S CHILD (SIDE A)”, which showcases her ability to blend sumptuous soul and R&B sounds. Her approach to music creation is introspective, focusing on conveying her stories and messages without being swayed by current trends.

     Aiyana-Lee’s vocalabilities are recognized for her impressive range and emotional depth. Her voice can be described as both powerful and emotive, reflecting her capacity to convey feelings deeply and authentically through her music. Her music often combines elements of pop, R&B, and soul, underlined by poignant, heartfelt lyrics that speak to her lived experiences. This approach emphasizes her commitment to storytelling through her music. Aiyana-Lee’s approach to music is intentional and purposeful, focusing on authenticity. Her relationship with music has evolved over time, helping her through challenging periods and becoming a medium for expressing emotions and creating a sense of community and understanding among listeners. This has made her a standout artist, capable of translating emotions into music in its purest form.

     Overall, “My Idols Lied to Me” and Aiyana-Lee’s other works demonstrate her prowess as a Gen-Z Pop R&B artist, combining her unique personal experiences with a classic R&B sound. Her music aims to connect with listeners on a personal level, assuring them that they are not alone in their experiences. I rate her song  4 out of 5. 


Written by: Niya Nicole

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