Lil Jon “Total Meditation” Album

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     Lil Jon infamously asked “Turn Down For What” and I guess we finally found our answer. 

     Lil Jon has a multitude of talents. This past weekend, Lil Jon unveiled a new project, a guided meditation album titled “Total Meditation,” featuring 10 tracks. In addition to his venture into meditation, Lil Jon took on the role of musical director for Usher’s latest Super Bowl halftime performance, making a surprise appearance during the show. The memorable reunion with Usher and Ludacris during Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime show earlier this month  delivered a stunning performance of “Yeah” to conclude the event. Concurrently, he introduced a new jingle for Pizza Hut through a commercial aired during the event. “Total Meditation” and the mentioned advertisement are available for exploration.

     Lil Jon expressed to Rolling Stone his aspiration for “Total Meditation” to alter public perception of him, stating, “One of the motivations behind this project is to change how people, especially those who can relate more closely to me than to authority figures or family, perceive me. I’m often seen as the quintessential party enthusiast, but through this, I hope to connect on a different level.”

    Despite a career spanning over three decades, Lil Jon’s discography includes just one solo album prior to “Total Meditation” – 2010’s “Crunk Rock.” Beyond this solo work, he has contributed to numerous collaborative albums with the East Side Boyz and a variety of rap and dance music tracks throughout his career.


Written by: Niya Nicole

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